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Information Design

We weave information design throughout our processes to create well-crafted products that aim to set an example for visual design standards in global health.

We utilize a team of at least one associate with a background in public health, along with our award-winning information designer to ensure that our work is driven by strategic thinking while executed with precision that utilizes the most up-to-date design practices.

We have experience developing one-pagers, graphic recordings,
brief documents, interactive presentations, motion graphics &
large-scale project branding.

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Often times, one-pagers can be a visual representation of information, without offering opportunities for any new insights or relationships to be uncovered. Our one-pager process begins with a 2-hour brainstorming session where we synthesize the information and research different visual metaphors we could use to reflect the main message. Once we land on our concept, we synthesize the information further, ensuring that we’re only including relevant and technically sound content. This process leads us to develop one-pagers that are incredibly unique, thought-provoking and visually captivating.

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Graphic Recordings

In 2020 alone, video conferencing saw a 535% increase in daily traffic. Pandemic aside, virtual meetings are essential for the

work that we do in global health. However, we understand that key insights from important meetings get lost in recordings and basic

meeting notes. Our graphic recordings utilize hand-drawn visuals to summarize a virtual meeting into a highly detailed one-pager.

This product is then easily distributed back to participants of the session and those who could not attend. Since our brains can process visuals 60k time faster than text, our graphic recordings are much more likely to be read than a document of meeting notes. Additionally, the overall composition and iconography used allows viewers to reveal further insights and relationships within the information that may have been initially missed.

Brief Design

Headaches, blurred vision and eye strain are common symptoms among those who work long hours in front of a screen. Given this knowledge, we understand the importance of creating the most comfortable reading experience possible. When developing our briefs and/or document designs, we utilize font and colour psychology, line length and design principles to ensure that the information is communicated effectively. In a field where long-form text documents are common, having a professionally designed brief is sure to set you apart.

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Interactive Presentations

Given the nature of our field and the recent pandemic, virtual presentations have become embedded into our daily work lives. We understand that our presentations are often just one of several meetings our participants are sitting through on any given day, therefore it is crucial that we are putting as much time and effort into our visuals as we are into the content. We strive to make our presentations feel like a sigh of a relief - a bright beam of light amongst the clutter of overpopulated PowerPoint slides we are forced to observe daily. Working with us ensures that when it comes time to present, you feel confident not only about what you’re presenting, but about how it functions as well.

Motion Graphics

It’s no surprise that video content is reported to be 1200% more effective than any other format. Our team places as much emphasis on the process as we do the final result: we craft scripts, storyboards and style guides for each video before moving into production, all of which are pre-approved by our client. Our final animations utilize inhouse voice overs, custom graphics, sound effects and background music to create a captivating viewing experience that strongly communicates the target information.

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Project Branding

An often overlooked aspect of project uptake and implementation is the overall brand. At IHI, we understand that not only do your companies require strong branding, but your individual projects do as well. By taking into consideration our client’s existing branding, and the distinct goals of their initiatives, we develop compelling visual identities that become recognizable to target audiences. We utilize colour and font psychology, iconography and design principles to arrive at a final concept that our clients feel proud to share.

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