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Information Design

We weave information design throughout our processes to create well-crafted products that aim to set an example for visual design standards in global health.

We utilize a team of at least one associate with a background in public health, along with our award-winning information designer to ensure that our work is driven by strategic thinking while executed with precision and applying the most up-to-date design practices.

We have experience developing one-pagers, graphic recordings,
brief documents, interactive presentations, motion graphics &
large-scale project branding.

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Our Differentiators

We harness the power of information design to unveil emerging trends and patterns, skillfully connecting the dots.

We achieve design excellence by embracing a keen eye for detail, making bold and distinctive artistic choices, and employing robust systems design practices.

We present our discoveries in diverse formats, carefully tailored to various audiences, enhancing accessibility and maximizing impact.

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