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Strategic Facilitation

We use strategic facilitation to bring out the best thinking in diverse groups to make program & strategy design more effective.

We assemble and collaborate with teams of global health leaders & practitioners to answer complex questions related to global health investment strategies, program design & governance. 

We have experience leading program & strategy design, technical working group facilitation, steering committee & advisory group management, and team training.

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Our Differentiators

We place the participants at the centre -  making sure every session is developed from the lens of the participant and that every voice is heard and valued.

We leverage information design to drive the uncovering of insights.

We embed 'purposeful fun' to quickly establish trust and credibility between us and our participants, as well as to nurture creativity.

We use graphic facilitation to translate complex ideas into visually comprehensive words and pictures, which empower participants to make important connections amd develop shared understanding of the content.


Inputs to facilitated sessions are expertly curated to ensure that participants engage in diverse viewpoints to advance thinking on the task at hand to the maximum.

We spend a minimum of 1 day planning for every hour of a meeting we facilitate for clients


We employ co-creation methods to encourage participants of the implementer or users of the product from beginning to end.


Once a session is complete, we implement a rigorous approach to synthesize, analyze and develop actionable, motivating, and non-obvious insights.


We place importance on the dissemination of the product or information at multiple levels of depth and through multiple channels.


This could have been very hard and tedious but folks at Impact made it fun and easy. I loved it!


Kudos to the facilitators for making us enjoy this and achieving a lot within a few hours!


I felt valued in these important conversations.


Really valued the excellent facilitation, sense of shared responsibility, and interactive tools.

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