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What we do

We utilize our approaches to develop clear and actionable strategies, frameworks, and solutions to optimize impact.

Our Services

Strategic Facilitation

We use strategic facilitation to bring out the best thinking in diverse groups to make program & strategy design more effective.

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Technical Analysis

We utilize frameworks to perform rigorous data analysis, generate evidence, identify key insights, & uncover new opportunities for action.

Information Design

We weave information design throughout our processes to create well-crafted products that aim to set an example for visual design standards in global health.

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How we do it

IHI has a strong track record in partnering to produce high quality, accessible and engaging work. Our team values focus on being collaborators, storytellers, and facilitators for change.

User-Centred Design

We co-create solutions that have sustained user behaviour at the centre and are responsive to the surrounding ecosystem.   

Project Management

Our strong project management and strategic facilitation processes ensure that we are aligned with the client and deliver products that exceed their needs, reflect their voices, and empower their action.    

Market Systems Approach

We take a Market Systems Approach to identify failures in the existing market and strengthen the private sector in a way that creates large-scale, lasting benefits for the vulnerable.

Virtual Facilitation

We conduct virtual strategic facilitation using platforms such as Miro, Zoom, Mentimeter, and Jamboard. Our facilitated sessions are expertly curated to include the most recent and relevant information.

Knowledge Dissemination

We prioritize dissemination of the information at multiple levels of depth and through multiple channels for greater accessibility to a wide range of audiences.


Our Clients




Chemonics International

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MSI Reproductive Choices


Self-Care Trailblazer Group



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Girl Effect


World Health Organization


Family Health Services


Population Services International




Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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