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What we do

We utilize our approaches to develop clear and actionable strategies, frameworks, and solutions to optimize impact.

We're Hiring!

We currently have 1 job opening!
Please see below for job descriptions and send a resume and cover letter to to apply.

We are hiring an Analyst or Senior Analyst (depending on the candidate’s experience) to join our dynamic team.

Ready to kick-start a career in public health consulting? This is ideal for trained analysts, ready to pivot to focus on public health. As a key member of our small, virtual team the (Sr.) Analyst will primarily be responsible for conducting core analytic processes for clients, with support from senior team members. This includes collecting, analyzing and visualizing data to inform project decision making processes via conducting literature reviews, conducting key informant interviews, and performing qualitative analyses. Other key responsibilities of the (Sr.) Analyst include:

  • Project management: Support, and in some cases lead, communication with clients during check-in meetings (proactively setting meeting agendas, preparing Miro boards, taking meeting notes, and leading follow up).

  • Technical analysis: Lead data collection and synthesis for client projects with support from senior team members. This includes data collection via literature, surveys, and key informant interviews, taking lead responsibility in developing search strategies and interview guides. With support from senior team members, you will synthesize the collated data and draw meaningful insights. Lastly, it involves creating data visualizations, charts, and reports to communicate findings to clients effectively.

  • Strategic Facilitation: Support the facilitation of workshop sessions and the creation of presentation materials, strategy documents, and program designs for our clients with support from senior team members.

  • Business development: Support background research, writing, and approach development for business development opportunities.

  • Internal systems improvement: Take initiative to identify and implement improvements of internal processes and mentor other team members in core processes, skills, or competencies.

What we are looking for:

  • Trained analyst, with 1-3 years of experience with a reputable strategy consulting firm

  • Experience applying frameworks and models to client work

  • Interest in public health, health markets, consumer behavior, and private sector engagement for health service delivery

  • Excellent academic results from an accredited Kenyan university or similar

  • An eye for visual presentation of information and data

  • Extracurricular activities and interests that demonstrate your passion and impact!

  • Commitment to working as a trusted team player

  • Intellectual curiosity, a sense of humor and growth mindset

  • Familiarity with ChatGPT is preferred

  • Excellent communication and writing skills


Given that we are a small team, the (Sr.) Analyst will be offered many opportunities for professional development. This (Sr.) Analyst position could provide an opportunity for growth into an Associate – a full time role focused on delivering high-quality deliverables for clients – depending on (Sr.) Analyst progress and company resources.


To apply please send a resume and cover letter to

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