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HOW we do it

We have a clearly defined process offering in technical analysis, strategic facilitation, information design, and coalition building.

Our Services

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Technical Analysis

We utilize frameworks to perform rigorous data analysis, generate evidence, identify key insights, & uncover new opportunities for action.

So what?

Strategic Facilitation

We use strategic facilitation to bring out the best thinking in diverse groups to make program & strategy design more effective.


Understand the objectives and use-case of the output and associated products (decide appropriate framework)


Gather information via document review, key informant interviews, and surveys


Conduct technical analysis processes to analyze information and develop accompanying draft strategic recommendations


Host a decision making process using strategic facilitation (workshops, co-creation session), and prototype


Draft output using inputs from all previous stages


Develop dissemination material (information design)

Now what?

Information Design

We weave information design throughout our processes to create well-crafted products that aim to set an example for visual design standards in global health.

Coalition Building

We bring together diverse interest groups to catalyze change.

See why we do it

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