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Technical Analysis

We utilize frameworks to perform rigorous data analysis, generate evidence, identify key insights, & uncover new opportunities for action.

We leverage and develop reliable frameworks to perform rigorous data analysis and synthesis, identify key insights and trends, and uncover new opportunities for evidence-based decisions and actions.

We have experience conducting literature reviews, key informant interviews, cost-efficiency analysis and model development.

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Our Differentiators

We take our clients throughout the technical analysis journey ensuring that they are heard in every step of the process.

We leverage information design to uncover new trends and patterns and connect the dots.

We package our findings in multiple formats tailored for different audiences to increase accessibility and impact.

To uncover meaningful insights, we...


Work with our clients to clearly articulate the problem and refine it further.


Conduct literature and scoping reviews, landscape analysis and key informant interviews to gather evidence that addresses the root cause of the problem.


Through an iterative process we leverage robust frameworks to uncover key trends across data and connect the dots.


Develop insightful recommendations that are evidence based.

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