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It was a pleasure to spend time with folks from all over the world who inspire us. A few snaps below

Today we had the privilege of working with Triggerise, Marie Stopes Kenya and Well Told Story, facilitating an interactive workshop to strengthen their use of data to build accountability and trust between adolescent patients and a range of health care providers.

Drawing from examples from diverse industries including ClassPass, OPower, Yelp, Shift, Expedia, Postmates, Opencare, Virgin Mobile, ebay and more, we spent the day thinking through capabilities the Triggerise platform might build to empower the patients, providers and vendors who engage in the digital ecosystem.

Addressing information asymmetries and reducing provider biases are age old challenges in health care – it was great to be among a group of deeply informed, experienced and technically savvy folks to think creatively about practical new approaches.

We look forward to following your progress Triggerise! Thanks to the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation for their support of this work.


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