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Our Focus

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At Impact for Health, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is the unifying thread that runs throughout our work, aligning our colleagues and collaborators on a common vision. Billions of people across the globe do not have adequate access to health care, and millions are driven into poverty due to out-of-pocket spending. We recognize that UHC is the only way through which all communities and individuals can access to quality health care, without the risk of financial hardship.

We partner with change agents to identify efficient funding mechanisms and equitable allocation, for governance strengthening, quality improvement, and expansion of access to health services without financial burden.

Guided by the vision of UHC, we strive to ensure that our work contributes towards health systems strengthening to improve health outcomes, both equitably and sustainably. We do this by developing sustainable financing solutions, leveraging data to provide the best evidence to decision makers, engaging with our partners to deliver people-centered services and driving insights on innovations in health technology. In doing so, we ensure that our work has a lasting impact.

Sustainable Financing

Data for decision making

We believe that data is integral to well-functioning health systems, and that information sharing can be utilized to structure accountability mechanisms, strengthen partnerships, and empower all actors in health.

Health technology and innovation

We provide changemakers with the insights needed to drive tech-based innovations in health product distribution to scale sustainable solutions for healthcare delivery in an increasingly digitized world.

Translating research to policy

Governance and private sector engagement

We formulate strategic guidance on the governance of mixed health systems to align on UHC goals and promote access, equity, quality, and financial protection. We advise on the implementation of good practices for private sector engagement at the country-level.

We conduct rigorous research and analysis to help our clients make evidence-based decisions and informed policies, ensuring best practices are being implemented on the ground.

We design strategies for the delivery of health services that place consumers at the forefront, empowering users (consumers and healthcare workers) with the tools needed to make informed decisions and harness greater synergy across the care continuum.

People centred health services

Our Process



We connect with clients, country partners and community representatives throughout our process to co-design locally appropriate and sustainable strategies and programs.



We use and develop reliable frameworks to perform rigorous data analysis, generate evidence, identify key insights, and uncover new opportunities for action.



As visual thinkers we
embed design thinking
into our processes to synthesize information, generate new perspectives, and create empathetic,
user-centered solutions.



Through our facilitative process we bridge the gap between donors, experts, implementers and end-users to foster mutual learning and build alliances.


We utilize these approaches to develop clear and actionable strategies, frameworks, and solutions to optimize impact.


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